Dental Pro Care – there are dental clinics in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Alytus, Jurbarkas, Raseiniai, Mažeikiai and Anykščiai (Lithuania). Quality of treatment is guaranteed by careful, knowledgeable about treatment methods and highly qualified doctors. You will be welcome in comfortable and warm atmosphere and pleasant and helpfull staff will try to answer all your questions. The most important thing to us – your needs and the best evaluation of our work is patients' trust. A wide assortment of odontological services is provided in the Dental pro care clinics. DPC professionals can provide to arriving patients all services of the general odontological maintenance, prosthesis and surgery.


      Team of professionals working at Dental Pro Care is specializing in the reconstruction of jaws without teeth with “Nobel Biocare” dental implants, by using computer-base planning both to implantation procedure and reconstruction of teeth. These technologies allow to recover mastication function of the patient on the same day after implantation.


Short information:

Immediate implantation – team of professionals in DPC clinics can screw in an implant and put on a temporal tooth on the same day. In this way one single, several or even all lacking teeth can be reconstructed.

“All-on-4” exceptionality – when “All-on-4“ („all on four“) is used for the complete reconstruction of one jaw teeth, instead of commonly used 6-8 implants only four implants are screwed. This essentially changes the complete course, duration and cost of treatment. This method often allows to avoid complicated procedures of bone augmentation. The surgical intervention is minimal. During one single visit to the doctor, implants are screwed in and new, comfortable, solid temporal or even permanent tooth, which completely recover mastication function, are fastened on them.

“Zygoma” advantage – team of DPC professionals are the first one who offered “ZYGOMA” implants. These implants are used for the reconstruction of atrophied upper jaws, when common dental implants can’t be adapted.

“Nobel Procera” – “creation” and production process of the new tooth is performed by using the most innovative planning and production (CAD/CAM) technology – “Nobel Procera”.


Sedation – it is safe, medicine-based inhibition of consciousness during procedure, in order to cope with anxiety and sense of fear. This procedure is performed by qualified anesthesiologist.

Service of the general anesthesia – there is a possibility for patients to choose completely anesthesia during surgery. Experienced anesthesia and intensive therapy tender and doctor anesthesiologist-reanimatologist will be taking care of your security after the narcosis in VIP post-surgery ward.


Year 2009 – “Nobel Biocare” award for doctor of the year – to doctor Simonas Bankauskas, who is responsible for implantations.

Year 2010 – “Nobel Biocare” award for doctor of the year – to doctor Simonas Bankauskas, who is responsible for implantations.

Year 2012 – “Nobel Biocare” award for doctor of the year – to doctor Simonas Bankauskas, who is responsible for implantations.

Year 2013 – collective of the network of “Dental pro care” clinics awarded with “Dream team” name.

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  • JSC “SB dantų klinika”, license No. 1780 RSC license No. 1782, members of Lithuanian Dental Chamber.
  • From 2013 m. 06 24 d. Simonas Bankauskas is a member of FOR. It is the international initiative, uniting qualified professionals from all over the world, who are sharing their medical experience in order to improve dental maintenance.



„Dental Pro Care“  is a member of Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster "LitCare". The aim of "LitCare" is to provide medical tourists with the highest aggregate added value (price to quality ratio) and overall lasting satisfaction with received services. Also secure competitive advantage of the country in the international medical tourism market.

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